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Victor Kippes

CEO, and Founder, Validar Inc.

Victor Kippes is CEO, and Founder of Validar Inc. Validar provides a robust onsite registration and attendee tracking platform ideally suited for B2B event producers interested in generating demand.  Victor has been in the event industry since 2003 and is the sole owner.

Adjusting to the pandemic and the onslaught of digital events was a life-changing experience for Victor. His respect for event producers and the creativity associated with building effective content has increased exponentially on top of an already high level of admiration. Victor takes great pride in being a CEMA member.

Validar was founded based on his experience as a receiver of leads for many years. He used to be the VP of Sales, managing a team of 50 sales reps globally. Much of Validar’s value proposition focuses on solving the challenges associated with managing and measuring event data and pipelines while helping event marketers understand their actual value as event producers. Victor believes that most event producers do not get the recognition they deserve for their extraordinary work! He enjoys listening, learning, and helping outstanding event marketers deliver on their vision. He also likes road cycling when time permits.

Victor has a son modeling in Los Angeles and managing Social Media for the Company and a daughter graduating this year with honors from the University of Washington.