Membership Advantages

About CEMA Membership

CEMA is the premier community for marketing and event marketing professionals.

An industry hub that promotes professional networking opportunities
A valued resource for industry education
A facilitator of peer-to-peer knowledge sharing
A non-sales, relationship-building environment for agency partners and event marketers to share knowledge and build long-term connections

CEMA provides members with the opportunities and resources to thrive as leaders in their organizations. Members receive access to an elite senior-level marketing and event marketing community. Through CEMA (a member of the Events Industry Council), members’ voices become the voice of the industry, driving industry standards and advocating the value of event marketing. Membership provides an introduction to peers, partners, clients, and experts who can provide advice, offer insight and create solutions to business issues.

We’re a thought leadership association that is actively engaged in discussing event professional top of mind challenges

CEMA Opportunities


One of the valuable benefits of a CEMA membership is the ability to exchange and share top of mind challenges between your peers. Ask CEMA is a form which facilitates an open exchange of information between members. By simply filling out a brief form, your question will be sent out to the general membership. You can even choose to ask anonymously. We will gather the responses on your behalf and send them to you. Now you don’t have to wait until the next networking event—Ask CEMA now.

Engagement Opportunities

CEMA’s success is because of you. We have a variety of ways for you to get involved. With three full-time staff members, CEMA relies heavily on volunteer engagement with industry professionals. From board members to committee members, CEMA has leadership and engagement opportunities to match your schedule and your professionals goals. Don’t wait; get involved today!

Advertising Opportunities

Contact us for advertising opportunities at

Task Force Opportunities

CEMA values the contributions of our experienced members and encourages you to join a CEMA Task Force. The task force meets monthly or as needed via conference calls, and usually concludes between 4-6 months. This is an opportunity to meet your industry peers and establish lasting mutually beneficial relationships. The task forces are lead by a CEMA board member and a CEMA staff member. For more information on CEMA or 2020 Task Force opportunities contact CEMA at

Give Back

Opportunities to Give Back to local organization. In 2017 CEMA raised money for Rancho Coastal Humane Society, 2018 CEMA members raised money for the Surfrider, Foundation and in 2019 during CEMA Summit we built and provided over 300 backpack lunches for children in the local area.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Make a strategic move. CEMA’s premier sponsorship and advertising opportunities offer you high-level exposure and direct access to more than 700 senior-level event marketing professionals who are responsible for strategy, management and measurement of their programs. CEMA is a non-selling environment. Sponsorships and advertising are the only way to get your company in front of the people that you want to reach! Contact Meg Fasy for more information.