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November 2018

Jessica Larkin Gaylord

Jessica Larkin

Growing up not far from Lake Tahoe in Reno, NV – I naturally love the outdoors and being active. On the weekends you can find me hiking, skiing, trail-running or even just enjoying a glass of wine on my back porch. Something about the simplicity of sunshine and a beautiful view are incredibly relaxing to me, which is why I love Colorado so much.

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October 2018

Hillary Burton

Hillary Burton

As an industry professional I have come to realize that there are organizations that create a community around you, provide personal and professional growth opportunities and then there are those that just provide a lot of noise. CEMA, has been the organization that over my 25 years in the industry, has provided the highest level of education and professional growth that has allowed me to open Burton Solutions Strategies.

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September 2018

Heather Shatz

Being recognized as a CEMA ambassador for my participation and support of the organization is truly an honor.

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August 2018

John Emmaneel

John Emmaneel General Manager, Chicago Invision

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July 2018

Denise Fest Senior Director, Global Corporate Events Visa Inc.

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June 2018

Becky Kavanagh

Becky Kavanagh Senior Manager, Global Events Ellucian

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May 2018

Fern S. Summers

Matt Schrader

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