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Naomi Clare

Founder, Storcraft LAB

Hi everyone – I’m Naomi Clare and I’m really thrilled to be included here, especially being a new member. Earlier this year, in February, I decided to relaunch my company as Storycraft LAB in order to follow my passion for experiential learning as a component of event engagement. Well, my timing was…interesting! To say the least…

I rebooted Storycraft LAB with two of my past students – Amelie had taken my experiential design studio class, and I had been Katy’s thesis advisor, and we quickly got to work outlining a series of Empathy workshops, session designs for conferences, Journey mapping for exhibits. And then 4 weeks later – shut down – Yikes! I won’t lie – there was a moment (or several) of serious concern as we wondered what the future held.

But what we found was the industry needed engagement strategy more than ever. I found that we all started to value and talk about Empathy more. I found that people in my networks were reaching out to one another and activating community with new energy. I decided to employ my teaching background and set up the Futures Forum so that folks from the industry could collaborate and mindshare as they determined how to move forward. We jumped in helping Hubb build their agile response to the industry shift, jumped in to the Untethered Conference, designing and delivering sessions, and then we did the same at CEMA Summit. We basically said to ourselves – we didn’t choose or want this virtual shift, but let’s jump at every opportunity to find joy and bring value to a community through empathy and collaboration.

Which brings us to the current day – where our team of Storycraft-ers are so busy and so excited about the work we’re doing. We’re bringing the same energy to figuring out Hybrid as we did to Virtual and it’s an incredible journey. It reminds me of that feeling from teaching, that sense of pride at the end of the semester watching your student delivering their project with confidence, poise and passion. I get the same feeling from helping teams deliver their events and achieve their definition of success. We’ve been living the ethos – you get out what you put in – we’ve been putting in joy and it’s been returned to us. Every step of the way we’ve met more incredible people and teams – CEMA is one example of that – we so enjoy contributing to CEMA and the industry through our work. I’m really proud of we’ve achieved and this holiday season I’m super-thankful for our small but nimble team of talented humans.