Atlassian Team ’23

September 20, 2023

CEMA Behind-the-Scenes Study Tour: Atlassian Team ‘23

April 18-19 in Las Vegas, NV

Have you ever had a brilliant idea that seemed impossible to bring to life? This is where teamwork comes in. The most significant accomplishments in human history were only possible when people worked together to achieve them. Atlassian strongly believes in the potential of collaboration amongst humans and aims to showcase it at our annual event, Team ’23, which focuses on teamwork. From space missions and climate change to fixing bugs in code and remote equipment requests, no task is too big or small for the right team equipped with the appropriate apps and practices. We firmly believe that with teamwork, anything is possible no matter what obstacles are in the way or how far the goal may seem.

Our rallying cry is “Impossible Alone,” encouraging all to embrace teamwork as a means to turn challenges into opportunities. During Atlassian’s Team ’23 conference, we hosted a highly curated two-day event, CEMA Behind-the-Scenes Study Tour, that gave attendees an exclusive look into how we designed our flagship event in collaboration with our partners, creating an immersive and engaging experience. Attendees had VIP access to the James Cameron Keynote and were treated to dinner at The Venetian’s newest restaurant, Villa Azur. The second day featured a comprehensive walk-through of the event, including curated panels and sessions from Atlassian staff and our partners discussing the fuel behind Atlassian’s Experiential Event Engine, a behind-the-scenes look into how our Brand, Creative, and Event teams partner for success, the 3 Legs of the Experiential Stool, how we Built the Digital Platform, and our philosophy and secret sauce to Measuring Event Success.

We also offered a special sustainability tour with The Venetian, which aligned perfectly with Atlassian’s values around sustainability. The tour provided insights into the eco-friendly practices The Venetian is implementing. The event concluded with a social gathering where attendees shared best practices. In our post-experience survey, some of our attendees gave feedback saying: “The programming and organization for our time at Atlassian Team 23 Study Tour was absolutely exceptional,” and “The wealth of knowledge and transparent sharing from the Atlassian team and partners is why we all love CEMA.”

Thank you to all the amazing partners who played a pivotal role in bringing this event to life: BW Events Tech, George P Johnson, InVision Communications, The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, ProExhibits, Swoogo, The Freeman Company, and The Venetian.