Senior Vice President, Global Events & Experiences

March 8, 2023

Department: Events Job Type: Full Time Location: Chicago, IL 

Description: The Senior Vice President, Global Events & Experiences reports to the Chief Business Officer and is a key member of PCMA leadership. The SVP, Global Events & Experiences is passionate about re-defining events to affect business impact and create powerful brand moments and experiences in this ever-changing environment, with a focus on driving connection and community. 

The primary accountability of this position includes the development and implementation of the global events strategy and designing experiences unique to each community while supporting the creation of a marketplace to monetize each event and the entire event portfolio. 

This position will consolidate global events execution across the company to an events team, managing costs and significantly improving attendee experiences, including the creation of an annual strategic plan for events while collaborating with key stakeholders on the planning, coordinating, marketing, selling of each event, in addition to, supporting the logistics and functional needs of external stakeholders, internal departments, and service providers. 

The SVP Global Events & Experiences, possess strong leadership, event planning, marketing and communication skills and passion for delivering unparalleled audience experiences. The role must deliver events on budget, achieve registration targets, create value for the audience(s), and achieve revenue targets. The outcome must be profitable business events and exponential member and audience growth. 

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