March 2023 CEMA Connects

Ever used “The Gumby Model to strategize an event?”

Thank you, Sara Straw, Director of Strategic Events at RingCentral, and Richard Steinau, Senior Vice President, Bellwether for an insightful March CEMA Connects. Hear how she and her team used “The Gumby Model” to deliver exceptional results despite the obstacles of limited time, minimal budget, and mostly new players in critical roles.

Two months before their annual Revenue Kickoff (RKO), RingCentral implemented layoffs that impacted the highly respected leader of their events group. Fast forward to the conclusion of the RKO and the feedback among executives and attendees was unanimous: “Best RKO Ever!”

Hear how she and her team put the audience first and dealt with “serving caviar with a sardine budget.” She discussed the 7 Key Takeaways that provided the agility and focus to overcome layoffs and leadership changes. She answered many salient questions that all CEMA members are currently facing… “How do you approach the C-Suite to give them a realistic viewpoint regarding budget?” Megan Warzeniak. You’ll want to learn more by:

Click to review for a larger image of the session’s mural of key points and ideas (sample version below)