How Can Proximity Marketing Help Your Next Event?

<< CEMA Blogs | November 1, 2018

Proximity marketing uses wireless, location-based technology to reach out to nearby mobile devices with targeted messages. Although most people don’t associate proximity marketing with event marketing, there are a number of ways these new strategies can up your event game.
There are a number of different proximity technologies you can explore, like geofencing, Wi-Fi hotspots, beacons, near-field communications (NFC) tags, Bluetooth low energy (BLE), and more. Some proximity marketing techniques only require that users enter physical parameters that you specify in advance; others must be opted into by downloading an app, such as one you create for your event. Check out just a few of the ways you can leverage proximity marketing tactics to make your next event even more


Attracting and Engaging Millennial Attendees
Every event marketer knows this by now: to engage millennials at your next event, you need seamless, compelling smartphone content. According to a poll conducted by ticket distribution service Ticketfly, 60% of millennials surveyed reported that they would like to receive push notifications for deals on merchandise, food and drink, and VIP experiences while at an event. So give millennial attendees what they want: offer special deals and discounts for your product (or partner products) via push notification at strategic times during your event, such as after a keynote speech. Even better — gamify it! Build an engaging scavenger hunt and give attendees location-based awards.


Providing Navigation Information for Large Events
If you’re planning a multi-day event in a large venue or across multiple venues, use proximity marketing to help attendees navigate and inform them about upcoming sessions, talks, or activities. Send push notifications to attendees when they walk by specific venue areas or when a noteworthy speaker is about to present. You can even crowdsource by allowing attendees to comment on specific locations in an event app. Don’t distribute venue maps or invest in unnecessary signage — leverage proximity marketing tools to make navigating your next even a breeze for attendees.
Enticing Passersby (or Potential Attendees)


If you’re using technology that doesn’t require your audience to opt in, send push notifications to nearby individuals and let them know why they should stop by your event. This strategy is particularly effective for events like product launches, meet-and-greets, and giveaways, rather than those attendees have to register for in advance, like conferences or expositions. But be creative! If there’s an aspect of your event the public might be interested in, push it to nearby audiences — you may even end up expanding your user or customer base!