CEMA Webinar Series: Webinars Killed the Speaking Star

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Join Jay Acunzo and Shane Snow CEMA Summit Past Keynote Speakers in their 45 minute conversation and stay for a Q&A immediately after.

Webinars Killed the Speaking Star: A Look Inside a Step by Step Process Transforming Bland Virtual Talks into Memorable Experiences

Virtual events are cheap imitations of their high-impact, in-person cousins. Every planner, client, speaker, sponsor must fight against that stigma. The longer we allow webinars to become the substitute for unique, memorable offline events, the more at-risk our entire industry becomes.

This cycle has to end. The thing is, it shouldn’t have started. Yes, virtual events are different than in-person — but different shouldn’t mean worse.

Join this exclusive discussion with leading speakers Shane Snow (author of Dream Teams; Smartcuts) and Jay Acunzo (ex-Google/ESPN, current podcast and documentary host/producer). Together, we’ll go inside the process that can help us kill the stigma — and the boring virtual event.

This is a solved problem. Thousands of creators have mastered the art we now must master too: holding the attention of a distracted attendee when they aren’t physically in the room with you. Shane and Jay will talk through a system they use to deliver enhanced keynotes, borrowing from podcasting and documentary masters, causing attendees to tweet things like this: “By far the best webcast I’ve seen (and I’ve seen a TON lately).” And this: “Differentiation has become even harder. Beyond impressed with what I’m witnessing.”

Great keynotes have huge emotional and practical impact. The low-fi experience of talking heads on a webcam and static slides simply won’t cut it. Attendance will decline, sponsors will retreat, and a negative cycle will continue. It starts and stops with the one thing attendees pay to receive: transformational experiences.

Virtual events will always be different. Different shouldn’t mean worse. For us to thrive… it can’t.


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February 10, 2021


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February 2, 2021