What is the Experience Renaissance? – Wilson Dow White Paper

July 7, 2021

Is it possible that the likes of Peloton, Warby Parker, and AirBnB are paving the way for experiential transformation? We think so. Welcome to a people-first approach to experience design rooted in emotion that transcends the environment–virtual world, physical world, or both–to drive an emotional connection unlike any other. Driven by data, theory, and inspiration, this white paper will help create a mindset shift from an experience to a personalized and participatory journey. A journey where value is garnered continuously, purposefully, and organically with emotion guiding the way.

Wilson Dow developed an 18-month qualitative research study defined by future-forward, emotion-based attendee criteria to study pioneers outside of the industry that are shaping our collective future. See below for an excerpt from The Experience Renaissance™: A People-First Approach To Experiential Reimagination.

The reigning experiential industry challenge is captured in the midst of a live virtual technology conference as the A-list musician performs his famed song from what appears to be his living room. Attendees are viewing the musician from their respective living rooms, but the environment disconnect in this awkward acoustic performance is not the only aspect being shared. The musician looks as miserable as his audience.

The problem persists as the listless performance permeates through conference keynotes, sessions, networking opportunities, and everything in between.

In this moment, it’s less about the conference thematic—‘Shaping Your Future’—coming to fruition and more about the notion that nothing feels future-forward about the attendee experience design.

Something is missing.

And, this is not just a technology conference problem, but rather an escalating industry issue. That sense of connection? That feeling of inspiration meets anticipation? That unspoken shared moment? That human component?

In changing times, attendee expectations are on the rise. Conversely, experience designs of all shapes and sizes are becoming more and more formulaic, expected, and passive. Is it possible that as an industry we’ve lost sight of the single, most critical component that drives human connection? Emotion.

Welcome to the Experience Renaissance™.

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