Volume 2: The Great Unknown – Wilson Dow Group

September 21, 2022

In an ever-changing world of events, a future-forward experience design that drives an emotional connection with people – the heartbeat of the experience – is more important now than ever before. Is it possible that the most significant component of any experience – people – are being overlooked? We think so.

Welcome to the new starting point for planning…The Experience Renaissance™, Volume 2.
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Volume 2: The Great Unknown

Wilson Dow Group

David Grass

The Experience Renaissance, Volume 2 author, David Grass, is the Director of Client Strategy at Wilson Dow Group. David is a passionate Marketer and Client Strategist with over 18+ years of agency experience. His work lies in the depths of people. More specifically, how the combination of attendee data, competitive studies, and analyzing Pioneers in the world around us (Pop-Culture, Retail, and Celebrity) drive a future-forward and highly differentiated experience design and attendee engagement model for Clients.