ROI on attending CEMA Summit

This is a convenient template for you to use to explain the benefits and ROI on attending the CEMA Summit. Feel free to cut and paste this into an email and send to the appropriate people in your organization.


Subject Line: ROI on attending CEMA Summit


Hi Name,

I’m reaching out to ask for your support in my quest to increase the value our event marketing program is delivering to the company.

Events are evolving dynamically with different types of hybrid /in person/digital formats. Digital events broaden our reach and capture rich event data. Insights from that data allow us to optimize engagement at our events, and the ability to feed that data into our marketing and sales automation platforms. This useful data will make a considerable contribution to our marketing strategy and to building sales pipelines.  We can take advantage of this shift if we get smarter about new event approaches, technologies and performance metrics.

A great way for me to do that is to attend the CEMA Summit this year.

CEMA Summit is the premier event marketing industry event. Here a just a few of the learning and skills develop opportunities it offers:

  • Learn from industry experts and gain knowledge and best practices that will enable me to help our event marketing efforts be even more valuable to the company
  • Discover new upcoming marketing technologies that will help our organization plan and implement events more efficiently, while deliver better experiences to our customers and partners
  • Explore new ways to measure our events ability to drive customer engagement and how to leverage those metrics to inform other sales and marketing strategies and campaigns
  • Develop strategies to create more sustainable events—from environmental, economic and social aspects.

There aren’t many event marketing venues that offer the diverse programs and networking opportunities available at CEMA Summit.  You can learn more about the event by following this link.   Let me know if you have any questions or would like to discuss the opportunity.

Thanks for your support.