Rainfocus Insight Amplify ’24

February 14, 2024

RainFocus Study Tour

The first Study Tour of the 2024 at Rainfocus Insight Amplify delivered key insights into the latest event management trends and more.

On January 31 – February 1, CEMA hosted its first Study Tour of the 2024 season at Rainfocus Insight Amplify, offering a unique and engaging experience with insightful content from Rainfocus and technology industry executives.

The event began with an exclusive welcome dinner by Visit Salt Lake, highlighting Salt Lake City’s bid for the 2034 Winter Olympic Games. The dinner featured speeches from Derek Parra, a 2002 Olympic Gold and Silver medalist, who shared his inspiring journey to the Olympics, and Darren Hughes, Head of the Salt Lake City Bid Committee, who provided exciting details about the city’s Olympic plans.

The tour offered a comprehensive behind-the-scenes look at Rainfocus’s flagship event, delivering key insights into the latest event management trends, strategies, and best practices. The sessions covered a range of topics, including:

  • Key Industry Trends Panel, hosted by Erica Spoor, Senior Vice President at Freeman, with panelists Paul Coulter, President, Priority Concepts Group, Laura DeGood, Director, Strategic Events, Salesforce, and Tyson Libbert, Vice President of Sales, Visit Salt Lake City, discussing the future of event technologies and their impact on large-scale events.
  • A focus on event technologies by Rodney Hart, VP Events at Rainfocus, with contributions from Mike Bushman, Chief Technology Officer, RainFocus, Travis Cushing, Chief Product Officer, RainFocus, and Adrienne Grec, Founder and Managing Partner, ATWM, exploring advancements in event technology.
  • Discussions on building hybrid events efficiently, led by Rodney Hart, with insights from Brian Gates, SVP Industry Strategy, RainFocus, Rob Rosa, CTO, D3G, and Alan Kane, Digital Events Manager, Esri, on integrating digital and physical event elements.
  • A session on leveraging data for event forecasting and planning, hosted by Rodney Hart, featuring Ashleigh Cook, CMO, RainFocus, Junior Tauvaa, CBO, PCMA, and Scott Allan, Strategy & Operations, Brand Technology, Salesforce, focusing on data-driven event strategies.

Attendees left the study tour equipped with shared best practices and insights that promise to transform their approach to event management, enhancing their planning, execution, and attendee satisfaction.

Special thanks to Rodney Hart of Rainfocus and Donna Rogers from Visit Salt Lake for their significant contributions to the event’s success.

For those interested in hosting or suggesting a study tour, please contact Brian Mason at bmason@salesforce.com or Richard Steinau at steinau@Bellwethershow.com.