Marketing to Every Generation on Social Media

<< CEMA Blogs | December 10, 2018

Scrolling through a feed on social media and spotting an eye-catching post can draw anyone into a brand. However, what differs are the qualities that grab consumers’ attention across various generations. Understanding these differences can help you better communicate with consumers of every age.

Gen Zers Ages 22 and younger, Gen Zers are the next emerging spending power. It’s estimated that they’ll make up 40 percent of consumers by 2020, and connecting with this market can open doors for brands. This generation has grown up in the digital age, where massive amounts of information are available with a couple of quick taps on their smartphones. To get Gen Zers to notice your social media marketing, keep your message concise and involve them in your content. They’re the least likely to read through long posts or watch lengthy videos that explain your product, and they’re less inclined to identify with campaigns that don’t highlight people who look like them. Gravitate toward representing real people rather than models. Millennials Ages 22 to 37, millennials are a diverse group of social media users.

While they appreciate the feeling that companies value their business just as much as they do any other generation, they value simplicity and consistency too. As brand loyalists, they’ll prioritize the brands they know and trust. It’s natural to expect a similar consistency from those brands through their message and mission. Your company’s posts on one social media platform should align with the narrative your company is telling on its other social media channels. While the content can and should be different, keeping the narrative simple and consistent can help your business retain this generation’s loyalty. Gen Xers Ages 38 through 53, Gen Xers rely less on social media than the members of more recent generations when it comes to their spending habits.

That said, Gen Xers are still paying attention to social media marketing. Over half of Gen Xers admit that their shopping behaviors have been influenced by social media. While this generation values brand loyalty less than millennials, they place a greater weight on getting the best product for the lowest price. Posts emphasizing affordable prices for well-made products tend to catch Gen Xers attention. Baby Boomers Ages 54 through 74, Baby Boomers are the generation least likely to see or be influenced by social media marketing. However, that doesn’t mean marketing to Baby Boomers on social media is a fruitless endeavor. Over 80 percent of people over 50 years old use some form of social media, and the majority of them are on Facebook. Because they value affordability and convenience, posts highlighting these elements of your brand can help you stand out to Baby Boomers.