CEMA Webinar Series – Inside the Orchestration of a 3D Immersive Platform

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Learn how Logitech successfully used a 3D immersive platform and a mixed reality virtual studio for their annual conference. There are many lessons learned shared with this case study presented Wednesday 11-17 at 11:00 PST

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CEMA presents an insiders’ perspective of how Logitech chose a different path for their annual sales conference which was conducted virtually.  With a theme of “Dream Different” and a goal to excite and motivate their global sales teams, you’ll hear from Logitech’s events team and the partners that helped them achieve this vision.  Seeking to break away from a webinar format, they chose a 3D immersive platform and a mixed reality virtual studio to provide special effects more often associated with broadcast TV.  Their choice of content was also key, and you’ll hear how they wove in Magic Johnson, world-class DJ Jazzy Jeff and noted author, Carla Harris.


Jason Whitcomb, Head of Global Events and Community, Logitech

Max Bickelhaupt, Executive Producer, ProGlobalEvents

Casey Cooper, Creative Director, ProGlobalEvents


November 17, 2021


Webinar @ Zoom

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November 3, 2021