CEMA Digital Experience Summit 2020

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Message from CEMA President & CEO, Kimberley Gishler

Attitude! I talk about it all the time, but these days have really made me think about what it means.

Our attitude is the one thing we can truly control.  How we handle the situations we are put in is a sign of our resilience as parents, friends, and event industry leaders.

CEMA has always been about connections and the networking and for a while, it’s been tough to do those things. But we’ve also learned a bit about ourselves:

  • We are amazing without our hair being done, nails manicured, and our office space being invaded
  • We are as good being on video calls! We’re more focused on the ideas and fellowship than on how we look.
  • We miss human contact but we’re finding creative ways to connect like virtual happy hours and coffee chats, and we are having fun interacting with people we normally wouldn’t connect with regularly.

And about attitude… a few months ago I stated that I am a forever optimist and I really thought that we could have some sort of live event the end of July.

I’m also a realist, as are our Board members.  After our last call we decided that we needed to lock arms with so many of our colleagues and move CEMA Summit from a live event to a Digital Experience.

We looked for indicators that we’d be in the clear by late July, but so much in our industry remains unsettled.  We felt we had to make the decision sooner than later to be able to pivot in the best possible way and provide you with new and innovative experiences.

One thing we have to do right away is take down the existing CEMA Summit site so we can work on setting up the new one. The site will be down until June 10th for the transition.

CEMA Summit will still be over the same dates July 27-28 and will feature amazing content, along with creative ways to bring us all together.  So, while we’re as disappointed as you are to not be together in person, we are excited about the opportunity to bring a fresh new way of interacting with all of you.

Remember it’s all about the Attitude!

Stay positive but more importantly Stay Healthy!


Registration Coming June 10th


July 27, 2020


Virtual Summit

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April 27, 2020