Annual Developer Conference for AT&T Developers

<< CEMA Blogs | January 16, 2020

About: Annual Developer Conference for AT&T developers
Industry: Entertainment technology
Number of Registrants: 20,000
Location: Warner Bros. Studios, Burbank CA

 Key takeaway: You put a lot of resources into creating your brand; don’t lose that when your guests click the “register” button.

AT&T has been growing their Developer Summit every year since 2006, and 20,000 people were expected to register for the 2019 summit.  The client’s biggest challenge? How to keep the same high-energy branding and excitement that SHAPE has become known for, and seamlessly extend it across the entire registration platform.

The Challenges:

  1. AT&T needed to bridge the visual and contextual gaps between their Shape marketing site and their event registration site, keeping the branding and imagery consistent to make the transition virtually seamless. And the excitement had to remain just as high throughout.
  2. To maintain a  fully seamless experience, guests had to be able to use their existing AT&T Shape developer credentials, so they could move from the marketing site to the registration platform and back as if were one site.

The eventcore Solution:

  1. Our design team got to work creating a robust registration solution that looked like an exact extension of their brand. All elements of the client’s brand  – logo, colors, imagery, voice, tone and other elements – were incorporated to take full advantage of the marketing potential of their event.
  2. Because eventcore creates truly bespoke solutions that integrate smoothly with third party applications, guests were able to register without creating new credentials, simply by clicking to the registration tab on the Shape site where they were already logged in.

“eventcore was able to adapt their solution to support our older single sign-on technology. And they were able to recommend best-in-breed applications like badging, too.”

 ~ Ian Schwartz, Sr. Marketing Mgr, AT&T


Two added benefits:

  1. The AT&T event team reported a noticeable decrease in customer support requests during the registration process; and
  2. The eventcore staff onsite at the event helped solve registration and logistics challenges as they arose in real time, face to face.

“The eventcore staff onsite was fantastic, addressing logistical challenges and providing an exceptional customer experience!”

~ Ian Schwartz, Sr. Marketing Mgr, AT&T

When your registration solution is built specifically for your event, based on your event needs, the attendee registration process is seamless and elevated.  A positive registration experience helps ensure your event starts with the right energy.

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