2023 April Connects

Many thanks to Dr. Marcus Collins for sharing his vast knowledge of branding and culture at April’s CEMA Connects last month.

Marcus shared that we all try to influence others in our daily lives. “We are all marketers, whether you are a manager motivating your team, an employee making a big presentation, an activist staging a protest, or a teacher trying to encourage your students.”

The group discussed how to leverage the idea of culture as it is abstract, omnipresent, and hard to describe. Allison Crooker asked “Is culture like a micro-climate or like the ocean? Lots of little ones or one big vast one?” Marcus described how humans are meant to live in small communities and “deep stuff happens in smaller groups. Culture exists in small pockets, the larger the group, the more shallow the conviction.”

You can also continue the study with his new book, For the Culture, where he illuminates that true cultural engagement is the most powerful vehicle for influencing behavior.”

Click to review for a larger image of the session’s mural of key points and ideas (sample version below) Or click below to watch the session recording.