Is Google Uptime the Next Big Thing in Event Marketing?

Blog: Is Google Uptime the Next Big Thing in Event Marketing?

Date Posted: November 30, 2017

With the rise of social media influencers and live streaming, event marketers need to stay on top of trends to get the most out of their events. But one recently launched app has us even more excited about the future of events and may help event marketers engage with as many people as possible: Google Uptime.
What is Google Uptime?
Uptime is a new app developed by Google and launched in March 2017 that allows users to watch YouTube videos in real time with their friends. The app is described as a way to “discover new videos, meet new friends, [and] watch together.” While users watch videos together, they can comment, react, and add stickers in real time, creating a more social video watching experience. Users can also see where their friends are in the video with a bar indicating their progress, and you can even see friends’ watch history and share videos with others. The interface is whimsical and fun, making the app popular among young, hip, social media-savvy consumers.
How can Uptime be used for event marketing?
Because the app is so new and still being improved, there’s a lot of potential for how i can be used in the future. Many current users are hoping to see the ability to live stream as an added function, which could be a boon for event marketers.
Right now, one of the most appealing features of Uptime for event marketers is the ability to make an event feel live again. Consider this: using Uptime, you can take a prerecorded video from an event — such as a keynote speaker or footage of a demonstration — schedule a time to post, and voila! With a bit of promotion, you’ve made old content new again, bringing it to Uptime users and allowing them to comment, react, and watch together. The app could be particularly handy when trying to reach people who can’t attend your events in person, making them feel like they’re part of the action just the same.
Furthermore, if live streaming capabilities are added to the app in the near future, event marketers will be able to leverage Uptime during events as well as before and after, making for a more seamless experience. Google Uptime signals a radical transformation in the way we engage with attendees and customers at our events, as well as the ways in which we keep people engaged after events have ended. Get ahead of the curve (and your competitors) and give Uptime a try at your next event!