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Melissa Riley

Event Marketing Manager, AWS

January is an amazing opportunity to “start over” or “start something new.” This new decade will even bring remarkable opportunities to create something new within yourself that you might have never thought possible. Forget New Year resolutions, focus on something you have never done before and just freaking do it already. Just jump in with both feet – make the move, buy the shoes, just don’t cut your own bangs.

I accidently fell into the event world right after my undergrad and immediately fell in love with how much the rest of the type-a personalities were just as crazy as I was. I was then inspired to go back and get my MBA to ensure my love for all things “project management” wasn’t a farce.

Now with 13+ years of event experience, the backbone of my career has been within the technology event space working with Cisco, Brocade, ServiceNow and now AWS (Amazon). My love for events has given me the opportunity to bring both creativity and the insanity of new technologies to life all over the world. I absolutely love seeing how the customer journey comes together to bring new and unique experiences allowing each attendee to understand the event their own way.

I joined CEMA almost 9 years ago with fellow colleagues and wasn’t really involved until the past couple of years. I truly believe that my biggest advancements in my career have come from dear friends and teammates at CEMA allowing me to lean on them for career advice, thoughtful leadership, and sound guidance when I really needed it most. If I could give any words of wisdom – it would be to look to your fellow CEMA members to get inspired in ways you never thought possible. Lean on us for any and everything. We are here to help! I can only hope to give you half of the blessings other CEMA members have brought me over the years.

While not running around like a crazy lady on the show floor, you can find me running around like a crazy lady at home with my 5-year-old son and my just as witty husband. We live in upstate New York where most of the year it is either snowing or in the freezing temps. While most people would think we are crazy – I absolutely love the snow and love anything outdoors. I truly cherish my friendships and really adore all those near and far from so many walks of life. I welcome all networking opportunities and cannot wait to see you all at the next big event. Cheers my friends to an amazing new year and decade ahead!