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Jodi Morrison

Senior Event Technology Manager, Atlassian

Jodi Morrison, two-time past CEMA Board Member at Large, recently joined Atlassian, working on their event technology. She is initially going to focus on Atlassian Team ’22 Live event in April.

A more than 25-year veteran of the corporate event industry, Jodi previously worked at Oracle for over 19 years, where she focused on event technology and operations before joining Atlassian.

In the last year, while the live event industry was on hiatus, Jodi took the opportunity to expand and update her education and knowledge base. She obtained her DES and PMP certificates. Also, she completed a number of courses on LinkedIn Learning to strengthen areas she felt could benefit from development but never had the time during her previous stint.

Jodi and her husband made the move from San Carlos, in the middle of the bustling Bay Area to Petaluma in Sonoma County in May 2020. It was hard to assimilate into a new community during the pandemic, but they found a very welcoming community and resources to plant new roots. They both are really enjoying the area and the slightly slower based lifestyle.

Jodi and her husband received a call from a rescue agency on their anniversary of 2020, saying they could come in the next day to meet a few of the dogs that they were interested in that were just rescued from Mexico. The first pup, they met Lucy Loo (original Anna) had them wrapped around their finger instantly and they have been loving each other ever since.