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Jill Leithner

Manager, Executive Keynote Group, Global Events Marketing, Intel Corporation

For the majority of my professional life, I wore 3 major hats, all focused on building strong relationships and driving high customer satisfaction: Product sales and marketing champion for chemical, personal care and high tech companies; Program management for hardware, software, and executive intiatives; and adjunct college Professor in marketing strategy.

Currently based in Portland, Oregon. Transplanted here over 23 years ago after working in every state east of the Mississippi. Beautiful, tranquil, but home is still New Jersey.

Over the last 15 years, my passions centered on executive keynote production. I now lead a mighty team of savvy producers, artists, and tech specialists, bringing Intel’s executive vision to life by designing 400+ visual stories and curating over 100+ keynote experiences annually.

Penn State is home of my Chemistry, Business and MBA degrees, plus a post degree seat on the Business School Advisory Board for 14 years. The Success with Honor principle is at the core of my leadership style. Needless to say, I am a huge college sports fan, enjoying some of the best live game day experiences at Penn State.

Am a Siberian husky parent for 20+ years, currently with 2 white Woolies. I am a big supporter of animal rescue causes… and long term goals include having the ability to help as many pets as possible live their best life.

Coming from NJ, my happy triggers include – the beach, Bruce, and Pizza! Pizza is a staple, hot or cold, it is the perfect all day – all night food. Happy to debate, of course over a pizza. Love to experiment with toppings or texture, but please no pineapple!

Enjoy working on high performing teams, creating experiences for live audiences, but love learning by being in the audience for high octane stage performances, from Bruce to Broadway, and anything that pops up along the way.