CEMA Newsletter January 2019

Carol Rossi

Carol Rossi

Global Field Communications & Events
CEMA Board Member

Whew. We did it. We survived the holidays. Now—it’s onto 2019. List of resolutions– things to do, things not to do, how to do it better, how not to screw it up, how to show up, how to be successful, get skinny, gain muscle, be healthy, be happy. I can feel the pressure building—jump in full force! Hang on. Wait a minute. Just the idea of all of it makes me tired—and overwhelmed! And sometimes—when we feel overwhelmed, anxious and the to-do list is a mile long–It’s easier to just go back home, get under the covers and watch Netflix. Escape! There is nothing wrong with taking a break. But oftentimes, the breaks are not enough to recharge the battery. Sometimes, I feel ever more depleted.

For me—it’s time to pause with purpose.

I take the time—and make the time–actually put it on my calendar—to pause. Maybe it’s 15 min of just deep breathing. Maybe it’s meditation. Maybe it is just looking out a window for five minutes between meetings. It can be time outdoors—or a spa treatment. But it’s the time I take to quiet my mind and body, and to give myself a rest.

So, as we start this new year with our resolutions, life project plan, list of things to do—try to remember how you felt over the recent break. Maybe during the holidays, you were able to pause with purpose. Perhaps it was quality time spent with family and friends, time spent outdoors, or even an afternoon matinee—those are all great examples of how we make time for ourselves—and pause with purpose.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2019—and more time to pause with purpose!

Deirdre McCready

Member of the Month

Deirdre McCready

Senior Vice President of Sales & Special Events
Live Nation

As Senior Vice President of Sales & Special Events at Live Nation, Deirdre McCready is responsible for driving and managing the overall sales growth and strategy of the Special Events business at Live Nations’ 50+ venues, clubs and theatres. As one of the industry’s top talents for the last 20 years, she uses her creativity, expertise and finesse to ensure her team exceeds expectations.

CEMA has provided Deirdre and the Live Nation Special Events team an opportunity for thought leadership, event insights, and amazing relationship building at their events. Deirdre McCready knows what she’s talking about when she says “people who enjoy the journey a little more end up being more successful” – and this organic community is exactly what CEMA promotes.

Today her team is ready to not only host epic events, but create a lasting relationship that exceeds your every expectation! Deirdre invites you to reach out and introduce yourself to learn more about Live Nation Special Events and enjoy a complimentary show at one of our legendary 50+ locations across the nation.

Our Calendar is Filling Up Fast! CEMA 2019 Calendar of Events

We’re filling up our CEMA Calendar of Events quickly, and making certain we have something each one of you will be thrilled to experience! Below is a glimpse of what we currently have on the schedule. Stay tuned for so much more to come!

CEMA offers some Incredible Events

January 23, 2019 CEMA Organizational Strategy and Development Webinar
Join our CEMA community for an interactive webinar to exchange best practices on organizational structures, RACI development and more on January 23rd.

February 22-23, 2019 NHL Outdoor Stadium Series
Join CEMA at the NHL Outdoor Stadium Series: “The Quintessential Attendee Experience” at this never before offered behind-the-scenes tour. Learn from our executive panel of experts how to engage attendees and create an emotional attachment that attendees will never forget. Experience activations that achieve amazing brand impressions. Explore the event from a variety of perspectives to get a sense of how sponsorship, operations, entertainment, broadcast, and fan experience objectives are achieved.

March 13-14, 2019 Event Marketing Security- Risks, Threats and Vulnerability
Welcome to the new normal in the world of event marketing. In addition to managing budgets, keynotes, A/V, F&B and attrition, etc., security is now a critical element of your event planning. With new threat dimensions constantly arising, the event marketer is now challenged with mitigating natural, technological or human-caused incidents while optimizing the guest experience. Come to Houston and get behind-the-scenes of two dramatically different incredibly successful events and learn how their teams manage the unique threats to their event while maintaining the integrity of the attendee experience. It’s an all-hazards approach that is sensitive to keeping the amount of disruption to a minimum. Listen to your peers as they share their success stories and their challenges in presenting these two Best Practice events! Come to Houston and bring back invaluable information for your team and while you’re there, enjoy an evening with Santana, performing Wednesday night!

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Get Ready to Make an Impact at CEMA Summit 2019

Make 2019 a year to remember by seeing your name in lights this summer at CEMA Summit 2019. It’s time for you, our CEMA members, to submit your abstract to speak at our annual conference, pairing up with the best in the industry. Submit via: CEMA Summit 2019 Call for Speakers.

Mark Your Calendar: CEMA Summit 2019, MGM Grand in Las Vegas, July 21-23

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“Does anyone have experience working with an outside internet provider on events in the Bay Area?”

Answer #1: Joy Hayes with XpoNet.

PSAV provides outside internet services via a 3 tiered system.

  • Consulting – discovery of the event needs and analysis on whether the event is better off using the in house network or if outside services is necessary. The primary reason to use an outside services provider is when the in house network infrastructure or provider is incapable of supporting the meeting. Occasionally a better price can be leveraged by using an outside provider but care should be taken that the service on offer is apples to apples.
  • Project Management – mainly for larger meetings it can be helpful to engage a dedicated Internet project manager. This role coordinates network services from the venue and any outside requirements. They are there to hold the venue accountable, test and verify connectivity and resolve problems as they arise.
  • Infrastructure – when it’s determined that an outside provider is the better option PSAV has a number of scalable options to provide services for meetings small and large. They evaluate the needs of the event and recommend a suitable option considering bandwidth need and redundancy.

Answer #2:

First, Brown Pelican, https://brownpelicanwifi.com/ They are an excellent bay area company involved with Salesforce/Dreamforce and many other high tech companies. They have installations at several locations in the Bay Area and issue a very informational newsletter as well as a white paper on custom wireless internet for events.

Second, a company called WiLine, if they are just looking to get bandwidth into a spot that has none or not enough. https://www.wiline.com/ Anyone who does internet uses WiLine for bandwidth.

Having worked in the wireless business, I would highly recommend either of these companies as a solution. And would also say spend money on wireless. If your group is heavy users (2-3 devices per person), it’s worth it to spend budget on having it. Many balk at the pricing, but it is highly technical, expensive gear with complicated set-up designs. Share all information on your event (all space held, etc.) with your provider so they can create the appropriate network. The network is like a blanket over your event, if you add more space, the blanket has to be remade.

Answer #3:

We’ve had great success with a company out of Phoenix called Enterprise Networks Solutions. They travel to nearly of our events, globally to work with the venues to provide seamless internet service for our event staff and attendees. They own the equipment so rental fees are reasonable and are very savvy in negotiating appropriate levels of service with each venue. As a technology company, providing reliable and responsive technology to our demo owners and attendees is imperative. The engineering staff is friendly, responsive and attentive.

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Congratulations to Kathelen Castailllac and her new company Sunshine Events.

So Excited By One of Our Most Successful New Member Months EVER!

We had a momentous month last year, welcoming so many new and amazing members including: Gold Member Chris Takas and John Boyko of Structure Exhibits; Platinum Members Caesars Entertainment Lisa Messina; Jennifer Parker of Aristocrat; Julie Clarke, Stephen Botte and Jessica Reinosa of PureStorage; Malinda Monterrosa and Monica Barragan of Symantec; Brendan Keenan of Cog and Marvel; Berinda Post of Service Now, AMS Marketing Events; Jordie Bellairs of Zillow Group; Maire Walsh of Enterprise Ireland; Alison Gill of Wilson Dow; Tamarrah Thomas of Bank of America; Michelle Crosby of Hotels Global Destination; Kim Elliot of Cisco; Kyndal Hendricks and Ashley Edwards of Atlassian; Tracey Lande and Heather Keenn of Key Events; Liz Vinsand of Vail Resort; Gold Members Alfredo Montes and Caitln Buggy at MKTG; Paul Miller and Matt Rulis of ProExhibits and Platinum Members Candice Nepomuceno and Jody White of ProGlobal Events.