How to generate buzz about your event on Twitter

April 19, 2019

Create some serious buzz on Twitter for your event and maximize its impact. Twitter is a driver of social engagement, and you can use it to boost interest in your event, increase attendees, and keep the chatter going after it’s over. If you’re spending resources hosting an event, why not maximize your social resources with the following tips?
Tip 1: Create a Unique Hashtag
A unique Twitter hashtag keeps everyone on the same page concerning conversations about your event, and it’ll also help you monitor social engagement before, during, and after your event. Questions can be tweeted to speakers or opinions can be shared while the event is underway, and a smart, simple hashtag makes these interactions easier and more unified. Tweets with hashtags receive twice as much engagement as those without.
Tip 2. Share Visual Content
Marketers know that visual content is more powerful, and images aren’t limited to 140 characters. Fifty-one percent of B2B marketers made visual content creation a priority in 2016. Also, according to Twitter, tweets with images get twice the engagement rate of tweets without images.
Tip 3: Use Analytics
It’s helpful to know which of your event tweets are getting the most traction, as these can be systematically retweeted. For instance, provides reports on the impact of conversations surrounding the event; its analytics measure reach, track campaigns, and provide insight on the influence of your event topic.

Tip 4: Tap into Your Competitors
Use Follower Wonk to access information about your competitor’s followers; it’s a subscription tool, but it also offers some free services with valuable industry insights. For example, influencers in a particular industry area can be identified and approached about attending or speaking at your event. Followers of these individuals can also be identified as potential attendees. Depending on the industry, there may be other hashtags that will help you find people who will help promote your event. You might even poach attendees of competitor events by strategically using the hashtag of that event in your own tweets.

Tip 5: Collect Testimonials

Testimonials can up the ante for your event, but influencers may be reluctant to sign off without proof of an event’s success. A better strategy is to gather testimonials while an event is ongoing and use them in the future. Adding the photo and name of the provider using Twitter’s embed tool can give the testimonial a better impact.
With strategic use of tricks and tools, Twitter can drive registrations for your events and solidify your position as an event leader in your industry.