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Highlighted Member

Treva CookTreva Cooke

Founder & CEO, Blue Flame

Treva Cooke runs her company like she raised her family – with high expectations, support, an endless supply of trust and love, and the encouragement to question the status quo. She thrives on the energy of what’s possible, not what has always been achievable but what could be if you let your imagination go.

She is the founder and CEO of Blue Flame, a Redwood City, California-based global experiential event production company with 24 employees and countless big ideas. With clients like Palantir, Discovery Communications, Google, and American Heart Association, her company’s approach to pulling off world-class productions all over the world requires tight-knit teams in which every member is given both an essential role and the freedom to thrive.

It’s the approach she took as a stay-at-home mom raising her four kids, all of whom grew up to be successful, compassionate adults. Everyone had their jobs, an expectation to step in if others needed help, and a mom who did things like planning one Summer of Celebration, where each day marked a new reason to give thanks and acknowledgement of the beauty in the ordinary.

As her kids grew, so did Treva’s desire to work. With finely tuned intuition and the ability to keep track of a thousand things at once, she volunteered to plan their schools annual fundraising auctions, building a financial stream that was unprecedented. With the help of a friend, she was given the opportunity to create events for CBS at the NCAA Final Four. She went to work full time at one global agency and then another when her youngest daughter turned 12, producing campaigns and events for Coca-Cola at the Winter Olympics, mobile tours for Sci-Fi Channel, and sponsorship events at the NFLX for AOL among others.

All along the way, her instincts told her she could do things better – for both her clients and the people who worked tirelessly behind the scenes producing the events. So in 2004, with one big client, Treva launched her own company in her Connecticut basement. Within four months, she took on a partner and named it Blue Flame. The company has grown strategically since then into a place where some of the world’s top brands seek a creative partner, and where talented employees seek careers with a company whose culture values their home lives, their talents, and livelihoods in equal measure.

She believes that opportunity presents itself to us all, we just have to recognize it when it shows up and own it. Last year, Treva bought the membership of her former partner, making Blue Flame a woman-owned company just in time for what many are calling the Year of the Woman, an opportunity she’s glad she caught.