Mixed Reality in Event Experiences

Join CEMA:  Mixed Reality in Event Experiences- Case Studies by Honda, HBO, 

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Mixed Reality in Event Experiences
Case Studies by Honda, HBO, Cisco and Salesforce
Moderated by Honda and George P. Johnson

We live in the experience age, fueled by emerging technology that is expanding and evolving at a blistering pace. The live experience is a great environment to pilot new concepts and ideas, while exploring how technology can transport, immerse, educate, excite, and reward those who attend. Be it augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, IoT, AI, or technology that has yet to come, without having a true purpose, the impact of the moment will be limited. A well thought-through audience journey that drives the use of technology (or not) can completely change how a brand is perceived, unlocking awareness and growth that years ago would take substantial investments to obtain.
This Workshop, “Mixed Reality in Event Experiences” will explore some of the most successful live experiences that utilized emerging technology. We’ll uncover the secret recipe for success with a panel of brand champions, Honda, HBO, Cisco and Salesforce, who will navigate the complexity of discovery, ideation and creation to deliver awe-inspiring moments.
We’ll provide attendees the ability to take part in up close development, valuable discussion sessions, and review some of the key considerations for creating successful solutions for the live experience with a variety of emerging technologies. With topics ranging from Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality to connected environments that drive hyper personalized experience, audience analytics, and investment evaluation, this will be a workshop, that will provide the tools and inspiration for evolving your audience journey.
Our Workshop will offer a diverse array of presenters and professional experiences to give you a chance to network and to discuss current trends and issues within the mixed reality space. We will do what CEMA does best- exchange ideas, share best practices, network, and learn from peers. Leave with key takeaways and multiply strategies to proactively anticipate and stay ahead of the rapidly changing mixed reality landscape.
Plan to join us on Wednesday, the night before the Workshop at westdrift, a Manhattan Beach Autograph Collection Hotel minutes from fantastic shopping and nightlife, and close to Hermosa Beach and LA. westdrift, a 4-star boutique hotel, will host our Welcome Reception followed by Glow Golf (no golf experience necessary)! This is a wonderful opportunity to see a new property and get to know your peers in a relaxed and fun, non-selling environment.
Then after the workship, join us for a truly immersive “experience” at the Porsche Experience Center (PEC), sponsored by LA Tourism and the PEC. Los Angeles Tourism will whisk away attendees to Carson a few miles away to Porsche’s second largest investment outside of Germany. PEC LA is a destination where customers and enthusiasts alike can immerse themselves in the Porsche brand. The highlight of the facility is the 53-acre driver development track consisting of eight different modules designed to simulate everyday driving conditions and provide challenging environments to experience the thrill of driving Porsche sports cars. Buckle up and get ready to experience the most exhilarating ride of your life!


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