Event Marketing’s Data Deluge, By Bryan Eisenberg, Online Marketing Pioneer &  Best Selling Author

Event Marketing’s Data Deluge, By Bryan Eisenberg, Online Marketing Pioneer & Best Selling Author

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to deliver that type of event that has your attendees raving about their experience (both education quality and networking opportunities), exhibitors enthused about the conversations they have had and speakers overjoyed for presenting to packed rooms filled with engaged audiences, all while your event flows seamlessly without any logistical hiccups.

Planning and executing flawless events has never been an easy mission and lots of credit goes to those talented event organizers who pull it off regularly. However, what if it could be made easier? Today’s event organizers are flooded with more data than ever but with fewer resources to handle all these data sources. What if you could just glance into a crystal ball that would help you align all these pieces with less effort and less stress, would you take advantage of it?

After speaking at hundreds of conferences the last few years and sitting on the advisory board and planning committees for several events I know that pulling off a great event is not an easy task and while I see some better use of using some of their data to enhance the conference the use is still fairly limited compared to what it could be today.

There are two reasons for this.

1. The vastness and variety of data sources: Conference data today comes from registration reports, attendee profiles, evaluations, exhibit and sponsor sales, lodging reports, food and beverage spend, session attendance numbers, pre and post conference events, special event parties, content engagement and more. It also comes from social technology including community posts, check-ins, Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, conference mobile apps, photos, audio, videos, web, GPS data, sensor data, wireless data and more. All of these can and should be put together seamlessly.

2. The technology to use the data that is available: The use of big data applications is no longer limited to the largest corporations with huge data farms. Today there are new big data applications being built by everyone from the Fortune 500 to the Global 5,000,000, thanks to cloud computing and companies building out solutions for event planners and marketers.

All I know is that, the successful future conferences will collect, analyze and use data better than ever before. Successful organizers will ask better questions and use big data analysis tools to plan programs that will meet the needs of their diverse segments of attendees, sponsor and speakers. Event planners, who learn the lessons of those organizations who have leveraged the use of data to optimize the customer experience while continuously optimizing their operations in real time will be those that will become remarkable and truly deliver on their diverse audience expectations.

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