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Your post-event strategy can be just as crucial as event planning in driving ROI. In this session you’ll learn how to develop a robust post-event plan that leverages lead generation, increases post-event touch points, and maximizes ROI.


  • Melanie Reid, Event Marketing Manager, Riskified
  • Lena Stahlschmidt, Manager of Field Marketing, North America, Fivetran

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Hear how the RSA Conference team created a cohesive and agile organization capable of adapting to and overcoming almost any situation — from the hockey stick industry growth to the global pandemic. Discover what’s possible when trust and shared experiences create ownership at every level.


  • Linda Gray Martin, Senior Vice President, RSA Conference
  • Robert Lowe, President, Nth Degree Events
  • Britta Glade, Vice President, Content & Curation, RSA Conference
  • Jeannie Blair, Vice President, Account Services, Nth Degree Events

In this peer-led panel, the group will explore the hottest trade show trends, along with what event marketers should have on their radars and be working into their plans. Plus, you’ll learn how to define your trade show strategy, so your teams are prepared and building plans on a solid foundation. 


  • Minal Shah, Manager, Global Strategic Events, Salesforce 
  • Michelle Olmstead, Senior Marketing & Global Events Manager, ControlUp 
  • Heather Schneider, Event Operations Manager, Tyler Technologies  
  • Moderator:  Sara Straw, RingCentral 


Events have become a vital tool for engaging customers, showcasing brands, and driving revenue. This session discusses key strategy and format considerations such as defining objectives, identifying target audiences, choosing the right format (In-person or Virtual), and promoting the event.


  • Jasmin Dave, Senior Director, Corporate Events, NVIDIA
  • Erica Spoor, CEO & Chief Event Strategist, Impact Point Group, a Freeman Company

This hands-on session will unveil the potential of AI in harnessing event data to inform future planning. You’ll discover how generative AI can seamlessly gather and analyze feedback, summarize key event highlights, craft personalized follow-up communications for attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors, and streamline your post-event PR and marketing.


  • Veemal Gungadin, CEO and Founder, Gevme
  • Nick Borelli, Marketing Director, Zenus
  • Junior Tauvaa, Chief Business Officer, PCMA
Even the best event plans get held up by changes to corporate objectives or by budget constraints. In this panel, event leaders will discuss how they’ve tackled getting C-suite buy-in throughout their careers and share data points and tactics that can help you get the green light.


  • Devin Cleary, Global Head of Events, Vimeo
  • Bethany Murphy, Sr. Director, Events, 6sense
  • Tavar James, Global Head of Events & Sponsorships, Riskified
  • Sarah Shaheen, Director of Corporate and Strategic Events, Amplitude

Learn the five stages of developing a KPI playbook that lets you capture and visualize data to effectively communicate event results to peers and leadership. We’ll use proven templates, tools, and metrics, to develop core elements of a playbook that you can tailor to your specific needs.


  • Joe Federbush, President & Chief Strategist, EVOLIO Marketing
  • Jon Wolff, Global Events Manager, Lenovo
  • Colleen Bisconti, Vice President, Events and Experiences, IBM

In this session, you’ll learn how to think like an event content strategist across five key touchpoints and develop a thoughtful process to prepare content that engages and educates your audience — whether it’s a small group or a mega event.


  • Allison Crooker, Director, Event Content, VMware
  • Rachel Heller, Sr. Manager, Event Content, GitHub
  • Naomi Clare Crellin, CEO and Founder, Storycraft Lab

How do you navigate through and survive your current situation when you feel stuck in the middle of it? Whether it is a project, an event, or even your career, this session will show you how to get unstuck and keep moving forward.


  • Bridgette Birdie, Sr. Director, Global Events, Moody’s RMS
  • Jeanne Robb, Vice President, DocuSign
  • Kate Azevedo, Sr. Manager, Events, DocuSign

This session reviews the latest event benchmarks and important trends, based on data developed and compiled from a robust portfolio of large, complex events. Tips were shared on how to use benchmarks to drive success at your events.


  • Brian Gates, SVP of Industry Strategy, RainFocus
  • Robert Clark, Business Intelligence Consultant, RainFocus
  • Colleen Bisconti, Vice President, Events and Experiences, IBM

Based on the learnings gained from scaling a team 4X in just five years, you’ll learn how teams can be structured for maximum efficiency, what tools are used to “GSD,” how to build experimentation into strategy, and how to deliver compelling insights that illustrate the impact of events and influence up.


  • Andrea Walters, Senior Team Lead, Event Strategy Measurement, Atlassian
  • Amy Walter, Head of Global Event Strategy & Shared Services, Atlassian

Explore the leadership strategies and actions that keep a team motivated, flexible, and thriving despite structural change.  By examining failures as valuable learning opportunities, participants will gain insights into the strategies that drive successful adaptation and tools that help maintain a positive culture that motivates teams.


  • Karen Cooper, Commercial Events Director, HP
  • Katie Moon, Sr. Manager, Global Event Marketing, AMD

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