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CEMA Educational Series – Our Industry’s Emerging Human Capital Management Crisis

<< Back to Learning on Demand | Posted on: October 21, 2021

The graph of promotion by gender source found here:

The graph reflects annual numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics – so the timeframe is a year, the left-hand axis is percentage promoted annually and the horizontal axis points are all workers, managers, and CEOs for the year 2020.

In response to the “click to buy” technology question:

IVC’s Digital Experience Director, Ray McCarthy Bergeron, and SVP of Digital Solutions, Eileen Page, confirm that Shopify currently can seamlessly integrate click-to-buy for in-person or digital events.

In addition, iPads used by trained onsite booth staff or in digital booths with direct links to an Exhibitors own website including the capability to track attribution of the revenue to the event experience are also possible.

And finally, Klik has credit card processing tied to their badge technology through a partnership with Square.  This allows attendees to make quick decisions on the show floor during in-person experiences.



Lynn Randall

Senior Strategy Director @ InVision