Sunday, August 6th 2023 –
Tuesday, August 8th 2023


Hyatt Regency Salt Lake City
170 South West Temple Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84101, USA

CEMA Summit has been named among the top “Inspiring Meetings Industry Conferences You Won’t Want To Miss In 2023” by Corporate Event News.

Here's why:

  • Network, share, and grow with the very best events industry pros.

  • Stay abreast of the most impactful trends, and the most effective event engagement strategies and creative executions, from the people who make them happen.

  • Roll up your sleeves and work with peers and partners in real time to find creative solutions to our most pressing challenges; come away with leading edge, actionable ideas that demonstrate the business value of corporate events.

  • Get a front row seat to an exciting showcase of leading-edge innovation in event technology, production and attendee experience.

  • Up your game with advice, inspiration, and empathy from your peers – and bask in the glow of our warm friendships and the joy we get from being together.

At Summit 2023, surrounded by the incredible Salt Lake City landscape, we’ll get above the daily noise and elevate our creative, strategic, and leadership vision.

Join us in August at the “Crossroads of the West” to Elevate Your Vision!

Guest Speakers

Dr. Julie Williamson

Chief Growth Enabler, Karrikins Group

Julie is the Chief Growth Enabler and a Partner at Karrikins Group as well as an experienced keynote speaker and published author. A leading voice in how alignment can transform leaders and organizations, Julie has worked around the world with some of the largest companies, helping them set and execute on strategy and transformation. Julie is interested in how executive engagement happens and how leadership teams form and un-form. Her deep understanding of behavioral science combined with her executive experience and business acumen allows her to push past the barriers that hold back teams from finding alignment, transforming organizations and accelerating growth. Session: Go Beyond the Task List and Make Strategy Part of Your Business-as-Usual MindsetSpeaker Provided by Speak Inc.

Michael Dominguez

President and CEO, ALHI

Michael Dominguez serves as the President & CEO for Associated Luxury Hotels International (ALHI). a Global Sales Organization that serves a membership group of hotels that are Independent Hotels & Independent Brands that are an exclusive luxury collection. Prior to joining ALHI, Michael served in executive sales leadership roles with MGM Resorts, Loews Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, Starwood Hotels and many more. Michael is actively involved in leadership roles in the Meetings and Events Industry including the executive committees for US Travel Association and Meetings Mean Business Coalition. He speaks in the industry often on topics of disruption, the state of the industry, the economy, behavioral lessons. Session: 2023 Industry Forum

Junior Tauvaa

Chief Business Officer, PCMA

Junior Tauvaa, a recognized business events and destination marketing executive, serves as PCMA and CEMA’s Chief Business Officer. He oversees the events and education, CEMA at the strategic level, Convene, and product development teams along with PCMA’s 2030 vision of being the Platform for the Business Events Industry.

Prior to joining PCMA and CEMA, Tauvaa was instrumental in raising the profile of Anaheim and Orange County as a premier business events and leisure destination. He opened ACC North, the Anaheim Convention Center’s most recent expansion, and launched the Orange County Sports Commission. As a result of his involvement with Destinations International’s Large Market Roundtable, Tauvaa introduced the Destination Booking Agreement (DBA) for Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), which establishes mutually agreeable terms to protect both the destination and the business events strategist should an event be canceled for any reason. Session: 2023 Industry Forum

Natalie Nixon, PhD

Creativity Strategist & CEO, Figure 8 Thinking

Natalie is a creativity strategist who advises leaders on achieving transformative business results by applying wonder & rigor. She is a highly sought after global keynote speaker, valued for her accessible expertise on creativity, the future of work and innovation.

Natalie was selected for Real Leaders' "Top 50 Keynote Speakers in the World for 2022" list; and has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, and INC. She is the author of the award-winning The Creativity Leap – an honoree in the creativity category of Fast Company's 2021 World Changing Ideas Awards. Her firm, Figure 8 Thinking, was named among the top 20 women-led innovation firms in 2021 by Core 77. Session: How to Maximize the Business ROI of Creativity – and Justify it to Your C-SuiteSpeaker Provided by Speak Inc.

Sarah Robb O'Hagan


Sarah Robb O’Hagan is no stranger to disruption and knows the qualities leaders need to embody to make it through to the other side. Stepping into her role as CEO of EXOS in early February 2020, she found herself not in the “dream job” she thought she had just accepted, but in the fight of her life in a business that would be severely impaired by the Covid pandemic.

Session: Unleashing Leadership Potential: Ignite Your Authenticity, Resilience, and ImpactSpeaker Provided by Speak Inc.

Fourth Annual CEMA Summit Town Hall

Our distinguished panel will share their high-level perspectives on industry trends, challenges, and opportunities in the coming year. Thank you, Philadelphia CVB, for sponsoring.  

With a forward look at what is going to drive event strategy and execution, the discussion will tap into the whole group’s experience on how event executives can elevate their vision for both their teams and their organizations.

Debbie Brewer

Vice President Strategic Events, ServiceNow

Karin Flores

Vice President Strategic Events, Customer Experience Center and Programs, Okta

Traci DePuy

Strategic Event & Field Marketing Executive​

Marsha Maxwell

Event Strategist & Executive

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Agenda Information

Track Title Abstract
Elevate Your Data 5 Post-Event Tips for Supercharging Your ROI While planning and executing a successful event is vital, your post-event strategy can be just as crucial in driving ROI. In this session we'll explore five tips that you can implement post-event to supercharge your ROI. We will discuss topics like best practices for lead routing, how to partner with sales, easy ways to repurpose content, and more! With actionable insights, you'll learn how to develop a robust post-event plan that leverages lead generation, increases post-event touchpoints, and maximizes ROI.
Elevate Your Data Success by the Book: How to Develop KPIs with Metrics that Matter Learn the 5 stages of developing a KPI playbook that lets you capture and visualize data to effectively communicate event results to peers and leadership. In this interactive, hands-on session, you will work together, using proven templates, tools, and metrics, to develop core elements of a playbook that you can take back and tailor to your specific needs.
Elevate Your Data Setting the Bar in Event Delivery: 2023 Benchmarks and Trends In this session, we will present the latest event benchmarks and discuss important trends, based on benchmarks developed and data compiled from its robust portfolio of large, complex events portfolios. We will also share tips on how to use benchmarks to drive success at your events.
Elevate Your Data The Power of Generative AI in Event Marketing: From Pre-Event Planning to Post-Event Analysis Dive into the transformative power of generative AI in event marketing in this interactive session. Discover how generative AI can seamlessly gather and analyze feedback, summarize key event highlights, craft personalized follow-up communications for attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors, and streamline your post-event PR and marketing. Our hands-on activity will unveil the potential of AI in harnessing event data to inform future planning. This session equips you with the AI tools necessary for creating a robust post-event strategy, ensuring continuous improvement and success in your event journe. **Attendees are encouraged to bring their laptop to this session to participate in the workshop** This technology has been hand-picked by CEMA and PCMA so you can test it out in simulated event scenarios. No pay to play sponsors, no sales pitches, no pressure.
Elevate Your Data "Design Lab: The Data Hero’s Journey: Unleashing Your Superpowers (Presented by ITA Group)" Some event marketers love data. Some feel really intimidated when things get into the data weeds. No matter where your comfort zone is, this highly participatory design lab will help you unleash your nerdiest inner data superhero powers.
Elevate Your Strategy Developing a Successful Tradeshow Strategy This peer forum explores the hottest trade show trends, along with things EMs should have on their radars, and be working into their plans. An expert panel will walk you through defining your trade show strategy, so you and your teams are well-prepared and are building your plans on a solid foundation.
Elevate Your Strategy Think Like an Event Content Strategist! You’ve been tasked with creating an event content strategy – now what? In this session, you’ll learn how to think like an event content strategist across five key touchpoints, and develop a thoughtful process to prepare content that engages and educates your audience - whether it’s a small group or a mega event.
Elevate Your Strategy From Concept to Execution: How to Be an Elite Event Strategist Events have become more than just an opportunity for networking and brand exposure. They are a vital tool for engaging customers, showcasing brands, and driving revenue. To stand out and create a truly memorable experience, it is essential to have a comprehensive event strategy. This session discusses key strategy and format considerations such as defining objectives, identifying target audiences, choosing the right format (In-Person or Virtual), and promoting the event.
Elevate Your Strategy Getting the Green Light: Secrets to Executive Buy-In on Your Event Strategy For most EMs, moving forward with event execution requires leadership approval. Even the best event plans get held up by changes in corporate objectives or budget constraints. In this panel, event leaders will discuss how they've tackled getting C-suite buy-in throughout their careers and share data points and tactics that can help you get the green light.
Elevate Your Strategy Design Lab: DEAI: Moving from Intent to Impact (Hosted by Discover Los Angeles) How do you bridge the gap between intent and impact with Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion. Learn how to change your organization’s mission statement to emphasize community stewardship as a critical starting point for DEI efforts, supported by pillars including measurable results, diverse suppliers and workforce development in the tourism industry.
Experiential Design Lab: Guiding Principles in Experience Design - Six truths for innovative event strategies (Hosted by Marriott) Participate in this Design Lab to workshop innovative event strategies shaping the future of experience design. Covering topics such as Emotional Data; Exploring Identities; Designing Belonging (Morning) and Architecting Choice; Value of Values and Power of Play (Afternoon) you will: Learn about the truths - not trends - shaping the future of experience design. Meaningfully connect with others as you ideate ways to intentionally craft the attendee experience. Test tools and takeaways that you can immediately apply to your own creative strategies.
Elevate Your Team Leadership in Times of Continuous Change Explore the leadership strategies and actions that keep a team motivated, flexible, and thriving despite structural change. By examining failures as valuable learning opportunities, participants will gain insights into the strategies that drive successful adaptation and tools that help maintain a positive culture that motivates teams.
Elevate Your Team Mastering the Messy Middle: Navigating Success in the Event Marketing Landscape Everything has a messy middle. So, how do you navigate through and survive your current situation when you feel stuck in the middle of it? Whether it is a project, an event, or even your career, this session will show you how to get unstuck and keep moving forward.
Elevate Your Team Unleashing the Potential of Your Team To increase impact and drive results in today’s ever-evolving landscape, it’s vital to find the right balance of strategy and tactics across your team. In this session, you’ll learn how to unleash your team’s potential based on the learnings the presenters gained from scaling the team 4X and growing the event portfolio 5X in just five years. You’ll walk away knowing how teams can be structured for maximum efficiency, what tools are used to “GSD,” how to build experimentation into strategy, and how to deliver compelling insights that illustrate the impact of events and influence up.
Elevate Your Team Building the Team That Established a Driving Force in the Industry In this panel session, you’ll hear how the RSA Conference event team created a cohesive agile organization capable of adapting to and overcoming almost any situation - from the hockey stick industry growth to the global pandemic. You’ll discover what’s possible when trust and shared experiences create ownership at every level.
Elevate Your Team Design Lab: Your Rise as a Corporate Influencer (Hosted by MC2) Not unique to social media, influencers are among us – in our teams and companies, as our customers and attendees – changing how we think and behave, and impacting where we spend our time and energy. Living a high-performance culture means acting as an influencer regardless of hierarchy, speaking out with openness, and contributing constructively to an ongoing culture journey. It's time to rethink the meaning of being an influencer – let’s dig into what kind of influencer you are, who the influencers are around you, and how to elevate the power of both.

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