Are You Ready For Reinvention? by Pamela Mitchell, Founder & CEO The Reinvention Institute

Are You Ready For Reinvention? by Pamela Mitchell, Founder & CEO The Reinvention Institute

Prepare to soar away from the Summit with renewed energy and a mission to live the life you desire and deserve. We are thrilled to have Pamela Mitchell, called “The Queen of Reinvention” by Fortune magazine, speaking at our closing keynote on Tuesday.   Her session, “Reinvent Yourself: Smart Strategies for Having the Career (and Life) You Want” is certain to encourage, inspire and motivate all of us willing to connect and commit.

To give you an idea of what you can anticipate, here is Pamela Mitchell’s six step plan to create your desired life.

Six Steps to Create a Career and a Life You Love

When a company lays out its goals for a year, its leaders create a strategic plan that defines results the business wants and the tactics it will use to achieve them. In essence, strategic plans provide a roadmap to growth and prosperity for the firm.

Take a page from the corporate playbook—think of yourself as your own personal CEO and develop a strategic plan to create the kind of career and life you’ve always desired. Here are six steps for doing so:

Step 1: Have a game plan. It isn’t enough simply to wanta new career or life; in fact, a 2006 TRI study found that the longer you merely think about reinvention, the less likely you are to actually make it happen.  If you want your dreams to become reality you need to take action, and in order to do that you need a game plan. Start by identifying the kind of career or life change you want, and then lay out the action steps you need to take to accomplish it.

Strategy 2: Tap into an external source of motivation.It takes a lot of energy to push yourself to take new actions. Relying solely on internal motivation depletes those reserves, and when you run dry, you’ll abandon your plan. To stay on track, tap into an energy source outside yourself and set up a system around you that helps you keep moving towards your goals.  Consider enlisting a “personal trainer” (a friend or a coach) who will hold you accountable to taking consistent actions on your reinvention plan.

Strategy 3: Know your internal barriers. In reinvention, you’ll face two types of hurdles: those outside yourself (like needing additional training or new contacts); and those inside yourself (often showing up as limiting beliefs like being too old to make a change or not deserving to be happy). The external hurdles can often be solved by taking prescribed action steps (e.g., signing up for a class or networking through LinkedIn). It’s the internal hurdles that can stand in your way without you even knowing it. If you’re taking the right actions and getting no results, it’s critical that you take an honest look inside to uncover your hidden barriers to success, and work through them so that you can free yourself to move forward.

Strategy 4: Enlist others. Your personal strategic plan is designed to help you build a new life, but like any strong businessperson who is serious about achieving an objective, you need a team to help you launch it. Assemble a winning team, including mentors to advise you on the best course of action; a coach to motivate and strategize with you; and a circle of like-minded people to keep you focused and inspire you to do better. Each member of your personal “dream team” is as important as the next, and you will make rapid progress towards your goals if you regularly enlist their support

Strategy 5: Make a long-term commitment. Expecting quick results—and pushing yourself to achieve them—can kill the long-term payoff from your reinvention. Don’t try to revamp your life in a month; instead, give yourself a year to enact change. Work on your hurdles, and weave consistent action steps from your game plan into the fabric of your life. Use your external sources of energy and your “dream team” to help keep you on course.

Strategy 6: Be willing to transform. In order to have the career and life you seek, you must be the kind of person who can live the life you want. This requires you to make the inner-growth work necessary for that shift a top priority in your reinvention plan. Be willing to give up excuses, and make sure your attitude and actions match your vision for success.

Businesses understand that strategic plans are not set in stone and allow room for readjustment and periodic “tinkering” in the event that business or market conditions change (as they inevitably do).  So too you can expect to fine-tune and make adjustments in your strategic planalong the way, but know that as long as you keep moving forward you’ll be on your way to creating a career and life you love!

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